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Welcome to the world of Korean Cuisine!


Hello there! Have you ever heard of Korean BBQ? If you have not experienced Korean BBQ before, let me tell you. You've been

In Four Plus 3 Korean BBQ, with a snap of finger you will be able to grill fresh and delicious choice of meats alongside with rice & Korean side dishes right on your table. Established in 2015, we are maintaining a high local reputation for its quality and service.


Not in a mood for smoke and BBQ? No worries. We have more Korean food options such as Kimchi Stew, Bibimbop, Seafood Pancake, Soon Tofu Stew and more. If you name one Korean Food, we got it. Also, if you have no idea about Korean BBQ or Korean Cuisine, our professional servers will kindly explain for you how to eat them.


Did you just mention Vegetarian or Gluten Free options? Of course we have 'em. In fact, Korean Cuisine is known for having a lot more veggies during the meal compared to most of other cuisines.


Sizzling meats and authentic Korean foods are waiting for you in Four Plus 3 Korean BBQ. Why don't you come dine with us today? Or call us anytime (541) 505-8744 for any questions.

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